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Corrupt politicians caught up by CBN policies peddling fake news against Emefiele – CSOs



….blast CBN Gov’s critics, say they’re caught by reform policies

…urge Nigerians to discard cheap blackmails

Over 2000 Civil Society Organizations, CSOs, under the auspices of Coalition of Civil Society Organizations on Good Governance, CCSGG, Thursday, blasted critics of the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Godwin Emefiele, on lies and founded allegations.

The CSOs in a statement jointly signed by its president, Etuk Bassey Williams and Abubakar Ibrahim, secretary of the group, said the persons who are taking to some media houses to ooze out lies against Emefiele are those whose evil deeds of corruption are being exposed and strangled by the recent Naira Design and Withdrawal policy.

The statement reads in part, “It is very important for us at this point to voice out over the lies and cheap blackmail some corrupt politicians and so-called business men and women are peddling on the pages and websites of some media houses alleging what they have conspired against the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Godwin Emefiele.

The false allegations by a Member of House of Representatives from Jigawa State, Hon Gudaji Kazaure, of the alleged N89 trillion stamp duty is a lie from the pit of hell.

Kazaure is a serial and pathological liar and he is publicly known for his stock in trade.

“The Presidency recently defused him on this allegation of N89 trillion Stamp Duty, and he is shamelessly going to media houses to fly his kite of lies to woo Nigerians to his side.

“His personality is already marred and destroyed by his lies. His paymasters have failed already, and if his Buhari’s Government they want to rubbish with such lies they have goofed.

“Kazaure and his lies should be discarded band taking for nothing because he is just ranting his frustration.

“This conspiracy is very clear and it is not far-fetched, which is because
of the policies implemented by the Emefiele-led CBN.

“You can imagine the stolen and hidden monies in water tanks, underground, hug sacs, and bank accounts they have kept at the detriment of Nigerians and the economy is now become useless.

“These terrible people who are speaking all sorts of lies are shameless and wicked because those monies they stole could not be taken to banks for fear of being arrested, and now are frustrated and made foolish.

“Their fraud allegations against the wise and foresighted strategist Mr President have placed at the CBN are all tissues of lies, baseless and unfounded.

“These people are not speaking in the interest of Nigerians but for their selfish and evil aims that does not hold water.

“They are angry because they were taken unawares and surprisingly.

“We want to tell them that as credible Civil Society Organizations number over 2000 are solidly behind the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, and we are ready to go at any length to unearth these unscrupulous elements who are have stolen this country dry via their dirty ventures. We will not take these clandestine moves to win the sympathy or support of unsuspecting and innocent Nigerians they want to sway to themselves against a workaholic and patriotic Nigerian in the person of Godwin Emefiele.

“We have met and resolved that corrupt politicians whom we know make such baseless allegations will be stopped by our structures across the country from winning any elective position ahead of 2023 general elections.

“They cannot intimidate the CBN Governor who have put in his very best to stabilize the economy, and have worked hard to rescue the economy from recessions.

“His monetary policies have helped to sustain the Naira from being killed by these evil minded persons tarnishing the image of the CBN Governor.

“Our farmers have received a better deal under the CBN Governor, and also a lot of businesses have received boost to continue bin business and also ensured that economic activities are moving unhindered.

“His reforms have kept the economy afloat as non-oil exports have experienced tremendous growth and development, and more investors are coming into the country for business.

“Also we can see that there is stabilisation of the currency and that has been sustained for long.”

The CSOs, also called on Nigerians not to be carried away by the false allegations leveled against the CBN boss.

“We want to call on Nigerians to discard the false and fake news these unscrupulous elements are peddling on the social media and conventional media.

“These are people who are seeking your attention and sympathy for no cause. They have stolen your wealth and starched in banks, water tanks, burial grounds, and other place but the good policies of the CBN Governor have exposed them so they are reacting to tell lies to destroy this good work that is in your interest.

“These are politicians who are drowning and want to hold anything and get lost, hence the intentional moves to tarnish the image and personality of the world respected Governor of Nigeria’s Apex Bank.

“They will continue to get frustrated. Don’t accept their lies and allegations published online and on pages of newspapers because they cannot prove their falsehood”, the statement added.

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EDSG Trains Batch- 9 Vigilantes, Hunters.



….. As Gov Obaseki Signs Edo Security Corps Bill into law

By Sim Omo- Benin City

As part of efforts to combat crimes, criminalities, cultism and other social vices bedeviling the state, the governor Obaseki led administration has commenced training of batch Nine hunters and operatives of Vigilantes, bringing a total of over ten thousand Vigilantes and hunters so far trained by the state to tighten security in every nook and cranny

Similarly Governor Godwin Obaseki has signed the State security Corps Bill into law

Speaking at the commencement of the batch- nine training exercise at the Police Training School in Ogida, the State Co-ordinator of the Edo security and Vigilantes network , Col. Kole Omomia( Rtd) commended Governor Obaseki and the state government for prioritizing security in the state and its continuous commitment to providing the necessary logistics for the state’s security apparatus to function

He noted that the training of the corps operatives which included the hunters, as in the instance of the batch- 9 who are currently here today, are concerted effort and determination of the state government to put her citizens at the fore front to enjoy peace, tranquility and have an enabling environment that would promote growth, development and investments.

Col. Omomia reiterated that the trainees would undergo series of exercises such as medical fitness, bio-data, teekwando, Judo, Drills, Parades and mental fitness and other activities ancillary to the job

According to the State Cord, the training would cut across the three senatorial districts in the state , with about One thousand, three hundred,(1300) Vigilantes and hunters expected to be trained in Batch- 9

He, however,urged the trainees to key into the program with keen interest and participate fully.

Recall that only recently, the state governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki, singed the Bill establishing the State security Corps, formerly known as the Edo State Security Vigilante Network,ESSVN, into law

By the establishing Act, the Corps is now a statutory body recognised by law and would perform its roles as provided by the Act

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Prof Mike Ozekhome, SAN,CON, OFR

The supreme court judgement on

July 11, 2024, directing the Federal Government to pay allocations due to Local Government Areas directly to their account thereby abolishing the old practices of State-Local Government Joint Account,is timely and courageous.

What the judgement has done is more like interpreting section 162 of the Constitution, which provides for a joint State-Local Government Account. In which case, money is normally paid to state governors’ accounts and then for them to disburse to the local governments for them to share. But what has been happening is that, as I noted in 2020,over three years ago, the state governors, have been behaving like ”bandits”, waylaing local governments funds along the way and thus impoverishing them leaving them with nothing to work, just a little for salary. And nothing to actually work for the people whom they represent.
I agree totally with the judgement of the supreme court to grant full financial autonomy so that money is released and paid directly to the 774 local government councils which constitute the third-tier of government,to develop their places because the LGAs are grassrooted and nearest to the people. Rather than allow overbearing state governors throw their weight around and muzzle the local governments and seize their purse,they will now allow LGs breath some air of freedom.

If you take a look at our situation, Nigeria is operating a very lopsided federation,more like a unitary system of government. Where the federal government is supposed to be a small government,it is controlling 67 items on the exclusive legislative list. That is why the federal government gets the lion share of the federation account , the lion share of the money that comes to the federation account to the tune of 52.68%. The states get 26.72% while the entire 774 local government councils in Nigeria get just 20.60% of the monthly allocation by the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission, RLASMC.

The question is, what is the federal government doing with almost 53% of the national income? That is because it is a government that is behemoth.That is elephantine. A government that intrudes and intervenes in areas that should not concern it at all. What is the federal government’s business with licensing cars and trucks for states? What is its business with the Marriage Act, dealing with how people marry and wed in Nigeria and how they live together as husband and wife and separate or divorce? What is the federal government’s business with unity schools? A whole FG operating secondary schools? What is their business? Why is the FG not allowing states generate their own power, operate their own railway stations, if they have the capacity? Why should the federal government not allow states have their own police force? Even for the local governments to have their own police force as we have in the United States and other advanced countries of the world where even tertiary institutions have their own police?

The truth is that the federal government is overbloated and overpampered. That is why it is using too much money and make the centre become too attractive,eating deep into funds that ought to be meant for the states and local government areas. The states take not only that which belongs to the states, but also waylays at source that which is meant for the local government areas. No Nation grows that way.

So, I see this judgment as epochal,having

far-reaching effect because money will now be made available directly to the local government areas who will no longer be subservient, like fawning slaves to state governors. In fact, the judgement even went further to say that no state government has the power henceforth to dissolve local government areas. This is because we have been seeing cases where inspite of the provisions of section 7 of the 1999 constitution that give autonomy to local government areas, states normally go ahead and dissolve local government areas ND appoint caretaker committees for them.This is whimsical and capricious.The Supreme Court has said this can no longer go on and that henceforth, no state government should ever be able to dissolve any local government area in Nigeria for any reason whatsoever and howsoever.

The judgement is salutary, timely and regenerative. It should be upheld by all governments and people in Nigeria for better democratic dividends.I see this as victory for our wobbling democracy, even if we are far removed from true fiscal federalism where the federating units control and utilize their God-given resources while paying royalty or tax to the central government. This case is one big plus for tested court room gladiator, Prince Lateef Fagbemi, SAN, the Attorney General of the Federation, who initiated the case at the apex court, invoking its original jurisdiction.Surely,to jaw-jaw is better than to war-war. God bless Nigeria.

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Ex+Abia gov, Senator Kalu backs part-time legislature




Chairman, Senate Committee on Privatisation, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has backed calls for part-time legislature at both federal and state levels.

Senator Kalu (APC Abia North) said this would help the nation cut costs and enhance the citizenry’s trust in the polity.

The former Abia governor said this in an interview published on his verified Facebook page over the weekend.

On calls for part-time legislature, Senator Kalu said, “I think it will be a very good idea if my colleagues and other members of the Houses of Assembly will agree that we can sit for three months and do constitutional amendment first.

“So we can sit four times a year and if there’s any emergency, there will be emergency sitting. We can come to do a presidential bid on that basis and go back instead of sitting on a full-time basis.

“Not only the Senate and the House of Representatives, but all the legislative houses in Nigeria will be part-time.”

Senator Kalu maintained that this would be part of austerity measures to reduce cost of governance, arguing that regional government is another viable alternative.

“If we’re going for regional government, it also means that the ministers, the legislators, will be the same. I’ve been tinkering with the idea of how we can save money to run Nigeria because the country needs money.

“I will encourage the President, the National Assembly to make these kind of laws. This will help him, and this will help the system, and this will help everybody,” he said.

The ex-governor explained that contrary to misconceptions among Nigerians, senators are not paid enough.
“But I want Nigerians and my colleagues to do a quick constitutional amendment so we can go and be a part-time sitting Senate and part-time sitting House of Representatives, and other 36 state houses of assembly in Nigeria.

“That will bring trust and bring relief to the Nigerian people,” the ex-governor said.

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